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This page is archived as it refers to an earlier version of KitBase. Click here for the latest information

Download KitBase

You can try out KitBase for free. There is no time limit on the trial and you will be able to enter the kits that you own. Printing, statistics, export and some advanced functions are only enabled when you buy the full version.

System Requirements (Minimum):

  • Windows 10*; Windows 8*; Windows 7; Windows Vista; Windows XP
  • 400 MHz Pentium processor or equivalent
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 50 MB Disk Space
Download   Download KitBase Installer v1.40 from Suisoft

* Windows 8/10: You may see a message when installing: "This setup requires the .NET Framework Version 3.5"

For Windows 8 and 10, the '.NET Framework 3.5 SP1' must be installed through the 'Turn Windows Features On or Off' feature that can be found via the search box.

See: Installing the .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

AVG Virus Checker users: some KitBase users have reported a problem since an AVG update. KitBase says "KitBase is already running" when started. A workaround is available on the forum here

Please buy a license key to unlock all functionality.


In order to upgrade from an earlier version of KitBase, please perform the following steps:

  • Important: Back up your KitBase database and files (there are instructions in the user guide)
  • Uninstall KitBase via Control Panel / Programs (Vista/Win7) or Add/Remove Programs (Windows XP)
  • Install the latest version

Your database will be upgraded automatically and any data carried across into the new version.

Info   More Information

Key Changes in Version 1.40:

  • New: Import function
  • New: Export function
  • New: Multiple database support

Key Changes in Version 1.30:

  • New: Customisable Fields (add your own columns)
  • New: Date Started field
  • New: Find function
  • New: Go To Record Number function

Key Changes in Version 1.20:

  • New: Image gallery
  • New: Improved Documents and Settings tab
  • New: Recording of full Accessory details, as per Kits
  • New: Storage of accessories 'with kit'
  • New: Accessory Reports
  • New: Toolbars with Icons
  • New: Edit/Delete master lists from Kit Record Screen
  • New: Duplicate Kit/Accessory function

Key Changes in Version 1.10:

  • New: Kit Status: Wanted, Owned, Sold, Traded, Gifted, Scrapped
  • New: Navigation bar to switch between kit status
  • New: Customisable views - choose fields and sort orders
  • New: Numerous new fields, including cash values and dates
  • New: Trader master list and fields
  • New: Kit Media master list and fields
  • New: Additional reports, supporting the new status, dates and cash values
  • New: Reports now show counts

Key Changes in Version 1.03:

  • New: More intelligent filters.
  • New: Better support for NetBook screens.
  • New: Scales can now be entered as text (e.g. "72mm") instead of just ratios.
  • New: Notes boxes now recognise hyperlinks.
  • New: Statistics (kit counts) are now shown.

Key Changes in Version 1.02:

  • New: Support for 64-bit Operating Systems.

Key Changes in Version 1.01:

  • New: Location field and master table (e.g. "Storage Cabinet Drawer").
  • New: Location number field (e.g. for drawer number).
  • New: Report by Location / Location Number.
  • Drop down lists show up to 24 items instead of 8.
  • Kit Record form is now sizable.

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