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33, George Street, Wakefield
WF1 1LX, England

Registered in England & Wales
with Company Number: 6391633

Director / Developer:
Gary Marples MBCS

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IT Services

Bespoke Application Development

Suisoft develops bespoke software for businesses; primarily with Microsoft Technologies.

Software is developed using an iterative approach resulting in high quality solutions. Automatic testing tools are used to assure a solid foundation.

Suisoft's experience includes:

  • Business Systems Analysis and Design
  • Desktop Applications (WinForms, WPF, C# / VB.NET)
  • Web Applications (ASP.NET, C# / VB.NET)
  • Mobile Applications (Xamarin, C# / VB.NET)
  • Transactional Databases (SQL Server)
  • Custom Reports (Reporting Services)
  • Automated Testing (NUnit, MSTest, Moq)

Business Intelligence

  • Dimensional Design
  • Analytics (Analysis Services, Multidimensional and Tabular)
  • Custom Reports (Reporting Services)
  • Dashboards (Reporting Services, Power BI)
  • Dynamic User Reporting Solutions (Reporting Services)

If you need a solution built from scratch or help with changes and enhancements to existing software, please get in touch.


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