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NEW: Retro Rat Race

Blast your Rat Racer at extreme speed around deviously designed levels rigged with traps and puzzles. A true test of steely determination and razor sharp reflexes.

Starfire - Ares Assault

Starfire - Ares Assault is a completely FREE arcade shooter set to Holst's Mars classical piece.

The alien horde from the Ares Nebula are invading our solar system. The Earth star fleet has been decimated. You are the only hope... as usual.

>>> Download Starfire - Ares Assault (v1.01) for Windows

>>> Download Starfire - Ares Assault (v1.01) for Mac OSX


  • Don't forget to use the Plasma Bomb weapon when fighting bigger enemies. Hold down LEFT ALT (or Gamepad 2) to charge then let go to release the bomb.
  • Bosses can only be killed in their final charge. Get them smoking then finish them off with a Plasma Bomb.

Known Issues / Planned Enhancements

  • The game doesn't perform well on machines with limited video memory. This is being investigated.
  • The screen resolution is picked up from the operating system. An option will be added to change resolution.

Updates Released

  • v1.01 - Difficulty is toned down significantly.
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