Gravity Core

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Download Gravity Core v1.52 Demo from Suisoft

Changes in this version:

New: Simplified keyboard and mouse control system.
New: Improved display on high resolution screens.
New: Resizable HUD / Minimap and more obvious Minimap symbols.
New: Difficulty level can be adjusted prior to any mission.

Reorganisation of difficulty levels.
Reduced numbers of enemies on Easy / Normal.
Weaker enemies on lower difficulty levels.
Less aggressive enemies on lower difficulty levels (speed / firing).
Refinements to control sensitivity and shield / firing switching.

Older Versions:

Gravity Core v1.51 Demo

Compatibility fixes.

Gravity Core v1.50 Demo

Alternative control scheme for Dual Stick Game Pads (e.g. XBOX 360 Controller).
Difficulty Levels: Easy, Normal, Hardcore, Insane.
Lighting effects for explosions, shields and weapons fire.
Numerous tweaks for more forgiving and balanced gameplay.

Gravity Core v1.02 Demo

Added crash shields option.

Gravity Core v1.01 Demo

Added joystick and gamepad support.

Gravity Core v1.00 Demo

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