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Hi Bill,

That sounds great. I appreciate you taking the time.

I'm hoping to have an early version out in the next couple of weeks, assuming nothing majorly gets in my way. Some features and final cosmetic polish will be missing but the core functionality will be there, enough to port across a KitBase 1 database.

I have been using KitBase 2 to track development tasks for several months now. The version I'm using for that doesn't have attachments (Documents and Images) or Gallery. I'm putting the finishing touches to those features, as they are essential for existing KitBase users.

The missing features in the first release will be:
- Reports
- Export
- Import (from Excel) - you will be able to automatically import a KitBase 1.4 database in release 1

The reports and export will be coming in a patch, a few weeks later.

Thanks again for your support. Let me know if you have any questions.

Greetings Gary
I have requested a "seminar " Timeframe at the USA IPMS Nationals to demonstrate Suisoft Model database. I have heard back and they are interested in this type of presentation. The Show is late July and I was wondering when Version 2 will be available (Love the reference section mentioned above) so I may be familiar with the program.
My email is
Bill :)
The main advantage with the separate table, is you can store references once for a kind of kit. If you just wanted references to Supermarine Spitfire, you could look that up.

The separate references feature has been requested by quite a few users.

I do send notifications to some IPMS email addresses when I release new versions. Sometimes these get passed along.

I did get a review a few years back and combined that with a few ads. It did drive in some new users. I plan to go all out when the new version is available. I have been posting on some Facebook groups, regarding the work in progress.

I'll have to look up the shows - something I never got around to. I used to go to some with my Dad but haven't gone since he passed away in 2009.
Maybe I could introduce our 6 year old to the 'World of Modelling'. I reckon he could handle some liquid cement safely now.

I guess Telford is a bit different to South Africa! (I haven't been to either, but can't imagine Telford is much different to the rest of the UK - we're not exactly a big country!).
Thanks Gary,
Mmm, that could be a challenge. I am currently sitting with over 1,200 records on the database and each record has between 1 and 6 articles and book references listed. I need to decide if I am going to leave things, as "is", put any new records in the system from when the new version is installed, or start and transfer the records manually, as you say, " few at a time".

I must admit, your table approach is much better than my current text approach and presumably it will make searching much easier?

By the way, I meant to ask you, have you publicised KitBase through IPMS UK or got someone to review it for their magazine? Once you have the new "mobile" version, it might be worth considering. IPMS Telford is not far off (November) and that might also be an opportunity. I am venturing from my part of the world (South Africa) to Telford again this year for my second visit - for us "jungle blokes"", the variety and range of models and after kits there is absolutely mind blowing!
Hi Arend,

You can continue to use the References field as-is in the new version. Your data will be transferred across.

You would need to manually copy across the references if you want to use the new feature.

There's no easy way around that, as the formats folks will use to enter references will vary.

Perhaps you could move them across a few at a time?

Kind Regards,
Hi Gary,
I have been loading all my cross-referenced articles from my magazines and books into the references section in the existing version. Will this mean that in the new version, I will have to manually transfer all my references to the new table, if I want to make use of it?
General Discussion and Chat / Re: Importing from Excel
« Last post by Admin Gary on February 21, 2017, 08:59:55 AM »
Hi Windtalker,

You can import from Excel or Access via a CSV file.

In Excel, you save your sheet as CSV.
From Access, you would export into CSV.

There are some step by step instructions here:

These are also available via the Help feature in KitBase.

Hope this makes sense.

Kind Regards,
General Discussion and Chat / Importing from Excel
« Last post by Windtalker on February 21, 2017, 08:12:58 AM »
I'm new to the forum, and am thinking about buying Kitbase. At the moment, my stash (850+ kits) is recorded in an Excel spreadsheet, and also in an Access database. Is it possible to import the data from either of these into Kitbase?
Certainly - it should be with you shortly.

Many thanks.

Certainly - it should be with you shortly.

Many thanks.
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