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Hi Arend,

The import function does bring across the custom fields.

If you open a kit record, you should see a 'Custom Fields' tab in there. It does appear in a different position in the tabs - further to the right (after notes).

Where you had used custom fields in the views, they should be shown in KitBase 2. You can add them into other views as usual via the 'Customise Current View' option.

In KitBase 2 you can re-arrange the fields on the tabs to fit with your requirements. They don't have to stay in the 'Custom Fields' tab.
Click the 'Data Entry Form Layout' button on the main kit list toolbar.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,
Hi Gary,
I bought the Beta version and have just got to importing my 1.4. I noticed that the import function doesn't seem to import my custom categories. (I used that to describe the type of aircraft and the propulsion mechanism and number of engines). Is it just me? If not, will the full version have that facility?
KitBase Suggestions and Feedback / Re: I am lost
« Last post by Admin Gary on June 09, 2017, 04:48:25 AM »
Hi Terrya,

Thanks for getting in touch.

The changes to KitBase 2 to enable it to be more flexible and have multiple 'main' tables has made access to 'Kits and Accessories' less direct. I think I need to make some improvements to make it as friction free as KitBase 1 for those with a single database (such as yourself).

RE: Clicking 'Recent' database

You can create a KitBase 2 shortcut that automatically opens a specific database.
Can you please tell me which operating system you have? I can then post up some instructions for you. That will remove one click.

I am considering adding a feature to create shortcuts automatically, perhaps via the 'File' menu or 'Database Home'

RE: Default Tab

Perhaps I could add a feature to enable you to choose a default tab when a database is opened. That way it could start on 'Kits and Accessories' instead of 'Database Home'.

RE: Opening Another Database

After you have opened a database once, it will appear in the 'Recent' section. You won't need to use 'File / Open' for that database any more.

At the moment I am focusing all my efforts on the export and reports functionality. After that is released I will revisit and work through some improvements, including the above.

I can at least get rid of one of the clicks for you in the interim, if you let me know your Windows version.

Kind Regards,
KitBase Suggestions and Feedback / I am lost
« Last post by terrya on June 08, 2017, 10:51:49 PM »
when I open Kitbase 1 the window opens at my database directly.
In Kitbase 2 it opens at an overview window where it shows Recent databases, you click on your database and up comes a Database Home window and you need to click on the database tab, 2 mouse clicks to get to your database when previously it opened directly without any further clicks.
If you have more than one database you can't get directly to the other, you need to go 'open database' and find it. As my databases are not located in the default location there doesn't seem to be any option to set the default database location or to open directly at a particular database?? I have to navigate to where it lives.
I am finding the navigation to actually get to your database a bit much here unless I'm missing something???
Hi Gary,

Many thanks!

Hi John,

Thanks for the suggestions.

The Scale field has a similar sorting issue. It should be possible to create a couple of special fields that have the required sorting behaviour.

I'll have a think about the transfer stock feature. Because KitBase forms are customisable it will need some careful design. I wonder if I could create a calculated field that can alter data in other fields.

I have logged both of these. They probably won't end up in the first full release, as I'm focused on major features such as reports at the moment.

Kind Regards,
I've been playing around with the paint stock table (I have all of the Tamiya colours entered, and will happily export a CSV file when that function is available), and have a couple of thoughts which may or may not be of interest/use:

1. Would it be possible to have a "custom sort order" for paints? Tamiya, et al, don't have leading zeroes in their paint numbering system, so sorting by 'Paint Number', the listing goes XF-1, XF-10, XF-11, etc., etc. Those of us who suffer with OCD would thank you.

2. Would it be possible to have a 'transfer stock' button to move units from the "Containers in stock (full)" field to the "Containers half used" field (and vice versa in case of an accidental click)? Probably gilding the lily and more trouble than it's worth, but I thought I'd ask :).

Many thanks!


KitBase Support / Re: Just bought Kitbase 2...
« Last post by Admin Gary on May 20, 2017, 04:53:27 AM »
To be honest, the website is a bit half-done at the moment.

The KitBase 2 pages are completely split off, as I'm still aiming new users towards KitBase 1.4.

When KitBase 2 gets out of beta it will all make more sense, as all roads will lead to KitBase 2.
KitBase Support / Re: Just bought Kitbase 2...
« Last post by Custom Mike on May 19, 2017, 06:24:46 PM »
Thanks Gary. For someone who works with technology all day long, I'm a bit of a goober sometimes!  :o
Hi Dave,

Thanks for the encouragement.

Yes, that will be possible when the Excel (CSV) import functionality becomes available.

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